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Shipping FAQs




Thanks for shopping at chic82.com. Below are the questions you might have about shipping and receiving your parcel. We are always at your service by [email protected] in case you have any question.


What is the shipping cost?

Shipping cost would be shown on the order page.


What is your delivery time?

First please be well understood that the order you made to us would always be integrated by below phases:

>> Place your order

An order got placed at your side and it will be processed within 1-3 working days.

>> Pack your order

We collect and pack the ordered items. This normally takes 2-10 working days which depends on the products status.

>> Ship your order

Parcel(s) of your order arrives at the sorting center and be arranged for cross-border transportation. It normally takes 3-20 working days to the destination country or city. This is the express/standard shipping time.

>> Deliver your order

Finally and lastly, your parcel(s) is delivered to you and be received at your side.

Important: After your order is shipped, please keep the lines open and sign for it in time. If you do not receive your parcel within 20 days after shipment, please contact us as soon as possible. If you do not contact us for more than 30 days, we will assume that you have received the parcel.


Which locations do you deliver to?

On the product purchase page, if there is a corresponding shipping method showed after you choose the nation or region, that means we can offer purchase service in this area.


Can I modify my delivery address?

  1. After you place your order, you will not be able to change the shipping address;
  2. If the order is not paid, you can close the order and make a new orderwith new address;
  3. If the order ispaid successfully but no shipping information is updated, you can contact the customer service to confirm whether you can change the shipping address;
  4. If the order has been shipped, then any change of the shipping address is not supported;
  5. Please contact us ASAP if you find any address error, but we can not afford the loss of transportation cost or the failure to receive the goods due to the wrong shipping address you submitted.


What should I do when I receive my delivery?

All Chic82 parcels are perfectly sealed at the warehouse before they are shipped to you.

Upon receipt, please check the external condition of the parcel to see if there are signs of damage, or if the parcel has been opened during transit. We request you not to sign and accept the parcel if you are concerned about the condition of the shipment. Instead, hand the parcel back to the courier.

Please open your parcel in front of the courier to confirm the quantity of your merchandise. If there is anything abnormal, or if you find that the product in the box is tampered or missing when you open the parcel, please ask the post office to provide official document, especially the claim request paper, take photos / unpack video and contact us.


How can I track my order?

Please track your order details on Chic82 or directly through our delivery partners’websites with your tracking number.

17Track: https://www.17track.net 

DHL: https://www.dhl.com/cn-en/home.html 


How can I contact chic82 if I have any questions?

You can send emails to us at chic82@foxmail.com 


About customs tax

Taxes may apply for imported goods/services and are regulated by the country law. Chic82 is not responsible for any tax invoice charged on its products. Shipping rates are estimates and may depend on different policies and tax rates applied per country. Please contact local customs for clarity and information.



In individual cases, it may happen that after your goods have arrived in your home country, the DHL/ tracking website may display the status of your goods as “clearance delay”, “on hold” or “clearance event”.

In this case, it is necessary to send proof of your PayPal(credit card) payment to the DHL or your home country’s customs department. You should contact DHL/local post in your home country to confirm the exact procedure, but in general, you should:

(1). Forward the email that you received from PayPal(credit card) after payment to DHL/customs in your home country.

(2). In the subject line, enter your 10-digit tracking number and the text “proof of payment”, eg “1234567890 – proof of payment”.

(3). A sample text for the cover email to DHL/customs may be as follows:

Dear Sirs,

Enclosed please find proof of payment for the shipment with tracking number XXXXXXXXXX (your tracking number). A customs number is not available because it is a private import.

Please declare and deliver the goods as soon as possible.

Best regards,

- Your name -

- Your contact details -


About Canceling Orders

Your order will be generally shipped within three to five working days of placing it. The order cannot be cancelled once it enters the shipping process.


A few things you may want to know:

- The tracking summary will be updated after the package finishes customs clearance.

- Due to the customs policies of different countries, we CANNOT guarantee if there is a tax for you. Our product price does not include VAT or import tax of your country. But we'll try our best to declare a comparatively reasonable value for the product.

- Remote area shipping cost.

Puerto Rico, Guam, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Alaska, US Virgin Islands are required to pay $45 additional cost as per the quote from DHL. The shipping cost does NOT include the extra costs defined as remote area shipping fees on DHL's website. We will email to ask for $45 additional cost if your zip code is in a remote area.

Please keep tracking your parcel status. The forwarder might try to contact you in case of any shipping issues, so please be active on the number you had provided us.


Additional notice about shipping

It is the client's responsibility to help successful order delivery. There are several situations that the parcel will be returned to the shipping company's country of origin warehouse:

- We will contact the client ASAP once we receive any notification from our shipping company that your parcel is stuck in the customs due to any custom clearance reasons. If the client does not provide any necessary information within 48 HOURS that is required by the customs (such as tax payment) in a timely manner, the parcel will be returned to the shipping company's country of origin warehouse. If the client wants to re-ship the parcel, you may need to pay an additional fee (according to the bill from our shipping company). If you decide not to get the parcel at your own discretion, you may need to carry the burden for return shipping cost (according to the bill from our shipping company). We will refund the retail price (not included extra shipping cost if paid when you placed your order) after the deduction of the return shipping cost.

- We will contact the client ASAP once we receive any notification from our shipping company that either delivery address or phone number is incorrect. However, if the client does not reply to our inquiry promptly, it will lead to the failure of the parcel delivery. The client may need to carry the burden of additional costs for re-delivery.

- After the client received the product, if it is not related to product quality problem and the client wants to return the product, the client needs to cover the return shipping cost. Once we received the product in our warehouse, we will issue a refund for the product via Your Payment Way.

- If it appears as "Delivered" on the courier's website (ie: DHL or PostNL) for more than 1 month, the delivery details on the courier's website will be deleted. The courier will not provide any compensation to us for these orders, therefore, if the client does not inform us to investigate the parcel via email after 1 month from the date the courier website shows "delivered", we will not offer any refund.


Chic82 is not responsible for delays in shipping or delivery due to natural or uncontrollable events. Additionally, Chic82 is not responsible for delays related to the courier itself (such as customs clearance). Unfortunately, we do not have control over these delays.


This document was last updated on June 25, 2022.

Chic82 reserves the right to update this document at any time without prior notification.